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Certified Food Addiction Professional (CFAP)

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The INFACT™ Food Addiction Informed Treatment™ Certification (FAIT™) Program provides a comprehensive foundation and education in the identification, assessment, and treatment of food addiction as a substance use disorder. Covering the steps of the rehabilitation process beginning at intake, through the in-depth documentation and communication involved in orientation, the course equips the Professional to assess the presence, stage, severity, dimension, historic occurrence of food addiction, and to provide appropriate treatment plans for recovery and maintenance of recovery from food addiction. Students will master guiding the patient/client through a recovery journey similar to that provided by residential treatment and rehabilitation available for recovery from other addictions with treatment of food addiction as a substance use disorder. INFACT™ School Food Addiction Informed Treatment™ curriculum Built on 40 years of focused evidence-based experience specifically treating patients seeking recovery from food addiction Developed over 25 years Imparted by faculty who are experts in their fields of study Designed in alignment with the ethical codes governing the profession: European Certification Board of Prevention & Addictions Counseling (ECB) Ethical Standards for Food Addiction Professionals The Association for Addiction Professionals The National Certification Commission for Addiction Professionals Code of Ethics The American Society of Addiction Medicine Six Dimensions for addiction treatment in clinical practice FAIT™ Treatment Practicum: Direct supervision providing treatment in an online group setting, practice and experience receiving treatment. Learn by participation with clinical supervision, guidance and intervention.

May 3 - August 9, 2024

Begins with 3 Day Intensive

May 3, 4, 5 (4 hrs/day)

Online Class 1/month on Fri

September 6 - December 6, 2024

Begins with 3 Day Intensive

September 6,7, 8 (4 hrs/day)

Online Class Fridays 1/month 

  1. Certification Cohort Program

  2. Treatment Practicum

  3. Certification Board Exam

  4. Student Project & Presentation

  5. CFAP Commencement

Certification Requires

  1. CV/Resume

  2. 2 Reference Letters

  3. Statement of Intent & Goals

  4. Schedule Application Interview

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