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Marty Lerner

Founder and CEO of the Milestones in Recovery’s Eating Disorder Program

Dr. Lerner is the founder and CEO of the Milestones in Recovery’s Eating Disorder Program which he started in 1999. Dr. Lerner is a graduate of Nova Southeastern University. Dr. Lerner is a licensed and board-certified clinical psychologist who has specialized in the treatment of eating disorders since 1980. He has appeared on numerous national television and radio programs that include: The NPR Report; 20/20; Discovery Health; and ABC’s Nightline. Dr. Lerner has also authored several publications related to eating disorders in the professional literature, national magazines, and newspapers including USA Today; The Wall Street Journal; New York Times; Miami Herald; The Orlando News; and Hollywood Sun Sentinel.

He is an active member of the professional community here in South Florida. Since finishing his training, Dr. Lerner makes his home in Fort Lauderdale with his wife Michele, daughters Janelle and Danielle, and their dogs, Willow and Tucker. He is an avid tennis player, holds a private pilot’s license, and spends a part of his free time hiking in the mountains near Asheville, North Carolina.

Marty Lerner

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