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I Was an Unhappy Fat Boy, Today I’m a Joyful, Thin Man

Updated: May 15

Episode 20: Michael Prager featured guest on the Food Addiction: The Problem and The Solution podcast

In this episode, host Susan Branscome talks with Michael Prager, a writer and journalist in Arlington, Massachusetts. He provides an important message about the reality of food addiction, emphasizing that this disease is not our fault, and recovery is possible.

Discover Michael Prager's transformation story in Episode 20 of the Food Addiction Podcast!

Michael faced the daunting challenge of losing and regaining 130 pounds twice in his life. His story is a powerful testament to resilience and self-discovery, as he unveils the truth about his addictive relationship with processed foods.

Michael attended a 5-day food addiction treatment program, where he discovered how to reach and maintain a healthy body weight. Michael originally didn't believe in any kind of God or Higher Power to surrender his will to, but he finally found his own way to let go of the helplessness over his food and his weight.

Michael's sharp mind would get in the way of experiencing and expressing emotions. He realized he couldn't control himself once he started eating certain foods.

His book, "Fat Boy, Thin Man" beautifully narrates his path from childhood to recovery from food addiction. Tune in and be inspired by Michael's story of triumph over adversity.


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