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Cindy S
October 10, 2023 · joined the group along with Mary Anast.
Early Adopter
Certification Course Students attending zoom classes, using online platform, etcStar Student

Hi Mary, Cindy and Jessica 😊

I'm sorry we haven't been able to have a study session! It looks like evenings is the best for you three and any evening but Monday. Is this correct? I'd like if we could pick a day and time for each week. Does anyone have any time available Monday-Friday before 4?

Hi Jessica and Cindy are either of you available for a meeting Monday-Wednesday this week? What days and times work best for you both so we can set up a weekly meeting? Jessica do you have FaceTime?

Hi East Coast Group!

it's been quiet here. How is the week going? What have you been working on? I have been able to finish chapter 1 and 2 the 3 exercises each and today I'm going to reread chapter 3, watch the teaching video and read chapters 4&5

Does anyone need any help or encouragement? We are here for each other!



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