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Professionals Applying The Big Book

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This workshop thoroughly presents the 12-Step program as a problem-solving formula for treating the myriad of substance and behavioral addictions. The 12-Step program will be presented as outlined in the book Alcoholics Anonymous, starting with the preface written in 1939 through the final instructions. This book, also known as The Big Book, is one of the hundred most-published non-fiction books in the world and has now surpassed 50 million copies. The workshop centers on the “context steps,” the “action steps,” and the “Fourth Dimension of Life,” demonstrating how professional counselors can increase their understanding of the 12-Step program and the use of 12-Step fellowships as a resource. Dr. Guttorm Toverud presents this workshop. He has conducted these workshops for 30 years in both Norway and Sweden. More than 10,000 people have now participated. He is a specialist in using the 12-Step model for treating substance and behavioral addictions, allowing addicted individuals to learn how to live life on life’s terms. Guttorm Toverud has a Ph.D. in Counseling and Counselor Education with a specialty in addictions and a Master’s degree in Agency Counselingh an emphasis in addictions, both from the USA. Although residing in America, he works in Scandinavia, helping clinics and public service providers establish and run 12-Step-based treatment. He also provides clinical and programmatic supervision.

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Professionals Applying The Big Book

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12 Steps: Professionals Applying The Big Book

12 Steps: Professionals Applying The Big Book

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