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Treatment Practicum II: The road to recovery!

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A six-week food addiction treatment program for advanced recovery. The INFACT School Treatment Practicum II is designed as a six-week intensive outpatient Treatment course for initiating recovery. Here, we explore the reality of the treatment experience from both a professional and a sufferer seeking recovery. We will observe and follow an outpatient treatment workbook, exploring seminar setups and in-patient options. Invited to participate as attendees in the course are * suffering food addicts * those seeking support from a focused treatment program for food addiction * professionals seeking to understand what treatment for food addiction entails * Infact Alumni: INFACT alums are invited to participate in practicum 1 and 2 to continue their professional development with continued training while extending their experience working with potentially diverse outpatient treatment applications. The Food Addiction Professional Certification Primary Course includes Treatment Practicum I and II. Content of Treatment Practicum II The Biological part of the disease (abstinence) and the Psychological (mental, emotional, and spiritual) treatment for food addiction as a substance-use disorder. Students learn by participation. Each student develops a customized abstinence plan for each participant, introducing daily support with the food plan and check-ins.

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Certification Students 2023/24

Certification Students 2023/24

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