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Self-Assessments are the first step in the journey to awareness of food addiction. They provide an initial validation towards seeking proper treatment for recovery from food addiction.

Am I a normal eater?
Am I a food addict?
What stage of food addiction am I experiencing?
What DSM5 criteria for substance use disorder do I meet?


Dorland’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary describes screening as “any test used to eliminate those who are not affected by the disease in question, the remainder (those with positive reactions) being subjected to more refined diagnostic tests.” (Dorland 2022).

INFACT™ defines screening as the process by which a patient is deemed appropriate and eligible for admission to a particular food addiction treatment program. This is also the point at which it is determined whether a patient has a food addiction. The screening function requires the counselor to interview the patient and consider many factors before moving the patient along for admission to treatment at the appropriate level of care.

These assessments are provided for the client to self-asses before seeking professional treatment from an INFACT™  Certified Food Addiction Professional (CFAP™)  that would commence with the appropriate intake screening.

Results are emailed to the responder and anonymous data is collected by INFACT School for further research studies. No personal data or results are shared.

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Food Addiction Informed 
Treatment (FAIT™)

INFACT™ School provides Food Addiction Informed Treatment™ 

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Food Addiction Intake & Assessment. One on One with an  INFACT™ Certified Food Addiction Professional (CFAP™)

Food Addiction Informed Treatment™ (FAIT™) implementation to initiate clients/patients into a recovery journey to achieve recovery from food as a substance use disorder conducted in an online group setting.

FAIT™ Treatment Practicum

Individual one-on-one Food Addiction Informed Treatment™ (FAIT™) conducted by Infact™ Certified Food Addiction Professional™ (CFAP™)

FAIT™ Individual 

INFACT™ School Food Addiction Informed Treatment™ Certification Program provides professionals the Certified Food Addiction Professional (CFAP™) credential from 2 Addiction Professional Certifying Boards in US and Europe.

FAIT™ Certification 
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